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Anatol Titan Automatic Press

 Considered an entry-level automatic press, the advanced technology
you will only get on a Titan sets it apart from others in its class.
The Titan ASA and ASE screen printing machines both have a high-quality
linear screw style servo indexer often used in the industry on high-end models.
(Industry standard for entry level is often crank arm/gear drive style or electric motor.)
Exclusive air-less Speed Clamps ensure a uniform hold on the screen frame,
saving you from screen clamp air hoses or leaky toggle switches.
The Titan uses just two (2) cylinders per head; eliminating 4 each Screen Lock,
Squeegee/Flood bar, and Carriage .cylinders per head.
(Less efficient pneumatic presses utilize 10-12 cylinders per head.)
The central off-contact control adjusts in increments of .005″ up to 2/5 inch

Anatol Titan Automatic Press

Anatol Titan Detail and Specifications

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