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AMANN Bobbins-Backing-Needles

AST carries the most popular backings, bobbins and needles from Amann.  If you do not see what you need listed below contact us for availability and pricing on a wide variety of embroidery supplies.

Tear-Away backing easily tears in both directions and is perfect for use on stable fabrics such as satin jackets, denim, bath towels, and hats.
Cut-Away backing is excellent for maximum stability, this soft cut-away backing is ideal for use on sweaters, sports style garments, or any job where backing material will come in contact with skin.
Aqua-Top backing is a water soluble, biodegradable topping that keeps stitches from sinking into terry knits and similar fabrics.
Bobbins are 100% Polyester premium quality continuous filament and available in standard paper-sided and magnetic core to provide a higher yield per-bobbin with the most consistent tension available from any bobbin on the market.
Accessories: Popular sizes of needles are available for all applications.  Scissors and Nippers, Fabric Markers, Bobbin Cases, Oil/Applicators, Peggy Stitch Eraser and more!

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