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Waterbase Dye-discharge Inks

Choose from a variety of dye-discharging Inks that will "bleach out" the dyed shirt color after heat curing on many 100% cotton shirts (50/50 and pigment dyed shirts not reccommended).
Matsui Brite Discharge Base can be printed alone or tinted with NEO Color Concentrates
Union Brite Discharge White is a stand-alone spot color white.
Union Plasticharge is a hybrid ink that can be tinted with Plastisol Ink colors.
Union Preprint Clear is a non-tintable discharge base underlay.
CCI T-Charge are Ready-for-use, printable "as-is" waterbased colors
or you can also add ZFS D-Powder to activate as a dye-discharge ink.
CCI T-Charge Colors can also be mixed using the CCI RFU Formula Guide.
All discharge inks require 3-6% ZFS D-Powder to activate.