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Union Athletic Series Inks

The PATE Series Athletic Nylon Gloss plastisol inks provide glossy, opaque prints with outstanding durability. These inks are recommended for printing athletic numbers and letters with thick ink deposits on cotton, as well as, nylon & nylon mesh garments. Note: when printing Lycra/Spandex or knit ribbed materials where great elasticity is required, the addition of Unistretch Additive (UNSE-9160 ) is recommended. When printing water-resistant materials such as nylon jackets or nylon garment bags adhesion is greatly improved by adding Nylobond Additive (NYBE-9120).

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*Due to variances among color monitors, the colors on your computer monitor will not 100% accurately reflect the colors of our inks. If you need to see a more accurate display of a color please email our Sales Department for a color card.