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ROQprint NANO Automatic Screen Printing Press

Quickly and cost-effectively print small formats with The ROQ NANO
This unit has all the features of the larger ROQ units including micro registration,
laser pointing, high-lift heads with independent controls, central off-contact and more.
The easy to use LCD touch screen allows control of flashes, print and flood speeds.
This compact, mobile unit can also fit through doorways
and be moved without the need to level the machine.
ROQ NANO Product Brochure

ROQ NANO Automatic Press

Colors: 1 to 4    Pallets: 10     Number of Flash Cure Connection Ports: 4
Print area: up to 7.9 x 7.9 in.     Output Capacity: up to 1200 garments/h

ROQ Press Features & Options          ROQ NANO Spec Sheet

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